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Insight Unveiled: Personalized Mini Three-Card Tarot Reading, Delivered to Your Inbox

  • 5 min
  • 25 British pounds
  • email

Service Description

Experience the mystique of a mini three-card tarot reading delivered directly to your email by Warren Starling. In this personalized reading, Warren interprets the symbolism and energy of three tarot cards to offer insight and guidance into your current situation, potential challenges, and opportunities ahead. Whether you seek clarity on a specific issue or simply crave a glimpse into the unfolding energies of your life, this mini reading provides a concise yet illuminating exploration of the forces at play. Embrace the wisdom of the tarot and gain valuable perspectives to inform your decisions and empower your journey, all conveniently delivered to your inbox for your reflection and contemplation.


To Cancel or Reschedule your booking you must give at lest 3 days notice, AFTER THIS TIME, NO REFOUND OR RESCHEDULE WILL BE UNAVAILABLE. Thank you

Contact Details


The Psychic Shop open Tue till Sat British Ironwork Centre, Morda, Oswestry, UK

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